Synergistic approach


Age-related anatomical changes are most effectively managed through the combination of science and technology.

To achieve this goal and by applying the knowledge developed over the years, Neauvia research designed SMART COMBINATION THERAPY – SCT.

SCT is an innovative synergistic approach, supported by science and clinical research, which consists of a comprehensive system of protocols combining different treatments and delivering optimal results. 1, 2

By offering a different perspective on medical aesthetic treatments, Neauvia set new trends.


The appearance of the face typically changes with age. The skin loses elasticity and becomes thinner, less oily and more vulnerable to the sun’s harmful UV rays. The body produces less collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid. Facial muscles, ligaments and bones suffer a loss of tone. Skin aging is thus a physiological and progressive multi-factor phenomenon, involving several anatomical layers and requiring a combination of therapies to be slowed down.

To help skin regeneration, then,Neauvia introduced NLIFT – the MID-FACE SYNERGISTIC PROTOCOL – treating different skin layers by combining Dermal Fillers, Waterpeeling, Infrared Thermo Lifting and Aesthetic Cosmeceuticals.

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epidermis RESTORING

As the outermost layer of the skin, the epidermis plays a key role in protecting the body from the harmful effects of external factors and in limiting water loss. The ageing process, sun exposure and/or hormonal disorders directly affect the proper functioning of the epidermis, making it thinner, rough and dry. When the skin’s natural barrier is weak, its protective function and healthy appearance are compromised.

To keep the epidermis in good condition and prevent the first signs of ageing, Neauvia developed NBOOST the EPIDERMIS RESTORING SYNERGISTIC PROTOCOL, combining Radio Frequency, Linear HA Filler and Aesthetic Cosmeceuticals.

Nboost - BeNeauvia

intimate WELL-BEING

As for any other part of the body, the vaginal mucosa and the female genital region age and are vulnerable to several factors of change such as hormonal changes, pregnancy and menopause, weight variations and intensive sport. Some resulting intimate concerns as sagging, loss of firmness, accompanying irritation or frequent infections, sensation of pleasure decrease, pain during intercourse and morphological changes lead to discomfort and embarrassment.

To maintain Intimate well-being and enhance intimacy, Neauvia developed NROSE a WOMEN INTIMATE REJUVENATION SYNERGISTIC PROTOCOL combining Intimate HA Filler, Radio Frequency and Aesthetic Cosmeceuticals.

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PRODUCTS USED in SCT protocols

Neauvia Smart Combination Therapy Protocols are based on the in-house product portfolio of FILLERS, ENERGY BASED DEVICES AND AESTHETIC COSMECEUTICALS designed to work synergistically.

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